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The Firm BGR was established in the 1921 under the name adkg as a mechanical weaving mill from AD in Rotschau a little village in Saxony's Vogtland region. It produced for the most part, heavy cottons on shuttle looms.

AD was forcibily taken over by the GDR in 1971; the family name was replaced with »Buntgardine Rotschau« and more and more lighter curtains and decorative fabrics were manufactured.

Over the course of the political change in Germany »Buntgardine Rotschau« once again was privatized in 1991, and since it had already was a name on the market it did not revert back to AD.

Today Mrs Ruth Lange the daughter of the Founder AD both owner and Manager of the BGR. Her son Mr Dietmar Lange is the head of company operations.

Between the years of 97 to 2005 diverse investments in construction and technical advancements were implemented. The new location of BGR is in the industrial park »Kaltes Feld« which belongs to the township of HDG direct off of Highway A72.

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